Drawing Show in Korea with 3ppod

Exhibition proposal of the same concept for the exhibition Yarns Between Bubbles was accepted by the Shinhan Gallery Yeoksam in Seoul.

Additional works were made for this project, and the Group feels the collaboration has made progress. This is seen in the collaborative work on the triptych, Shadow, Cloud, Nothingness.
Image of this is on the cover of the Catalogue.

While some works were difficult to resolve, the ideas which propelled to the making of these images have sustained interests. The personalities of the individuals that bring to the group dynamic in these collaborations brought a layer of conversational experience, which may or may not be recorded in the outcome of the works.

The program was well supported by the Gallery, and the scheduled artists' talk was well attended.

The layout of the exhibition is the same: each artist has her own wall space for the individual works, while the collaborative works take up most of the exhibition space.

Shown here are the individual's works submitted for this exhibition.

Images by Lyrebird Photography

77.5 x 68 cm 76 x 50 cm 120x35 cm 73 x 40 cm 83 x 115 cm