Remaking|Remarking : a Contemporary Survey on Drawings

The brief for this group exhibition, Remarking|Remaking, carries the theme of diaspora and its contribution to contemporary Australian drawing.

Identity formation and its relationship with associated influences have sustained my practice. This is partly attributed to the lack of a sense of place, a sense of belonging, growing up. Image making has become a process in finding or revealing forms which have remained elusive. Form has become a metaphor of identity; form in space, a metaphor for a sense of place. Form changes, and yet the fluid nature of the process remains the same. This is integral part of the work.

At the Gaps attempts to capture the repetitive process through dismembering and re-membering of a drawing: The composed drawing is cut into forms which have no connection with the original drawing other than the marks previously embedded on the paper. The new forms incorporate the negative space of the original composition. These forms are re-assembled into a new composition and new associations are made.

In this period of crossing over from the original composition to the next, within this fluid space, the possibilities for creations and re-inventions take hold-- a metaphor of the process in making sense of lives interrupted. This is an age old process, as ancient as the earliest migration of the human species. It is with this in mind that I have entered into the dialogue for the exhibition.

© 2012 Anie Nheu. Images by Lyrebird Photography

At the Gaps, 2012. 142 x 257cm