On Paper : an installation of works of paper at Factory49, 2017

On Paper, is a small body of work planned for the Project Space for Factory49. With these works Anie continues her interest in developing her visual language in bringing the invisible into the physical realm. The installation focuses on what is presented, and what is perceived, and how the two negotiate their coexistence in our day to day lived experiences.

Visually, this is suggested through the feel of the body. This manifests in rendered, evocative forms and their distinct way of inhabiting their assigned space. Surfaces of these works serve as a metaphor for the site of exchange, where the body is simultaneously an active agent and a receptor of external influences. These intermeshed connections are drawn onto the surface with considered mark making using various media.

In the confine of this small space, the forms are arranged to frame the ‘connections’ they have with one another. The space created is intimate and subtly surreal, touching off a sense of wonder and imaginary dialogues that are at once universal and personal.

The title, On Paper, relates literally to the use of paper as the material support for these works. At another level, this expression is used here in its usual sense: in theory, in writing, figured at face value* In the day to day operations, what is on paper is constantly being negotiated with our inner perceptions: our understanding of what is perceived may not be the very understanding that props the spectre of what is perceived.

*Merriam Webster dictionary

© 2016 Anie Nheu. Images by the Artist Photography

Mixed media on paper boad and wall Mixed media on paperboard. 33x38 cm wcolour, graphite on paperboard Watercolour, colour pencil on paper Mixed media on paperboard. Mixed media, paperboard. 49.5x45 cm Wcolour, pastel, gouache on paper