Constellation in the Cranny, an installation of paintings at AIRspace Projects Inc., 2nd - 16th November, 2018

This body of work is an extension of the previous exploration of the solo exhibition, Forms on Edge at AIRspace Projects in 2016.  The edges, forms and arrangement in space were the primary vehicle in assembling visual narratives.  For this exhibition, the change of material from plywood to paper clay focuses on the sense of touch, as the predominant form of expression in the rendering and shaping of the forms.  

The element of touch brought its own metaphor into the visual realm.  Its reflexive nature is the overarching theme in the assemblage of this constellation of forms.  Almost each form has its accompaniment caught in interactive dialogue.  This interdependent dynamic is not unlike the sensation of touch: touch and being touched is sensed simultaneously.  Drawing this as a metaphor for the cause and effect, some imageries encapsulate the observed desires and emotions in a lived, everyday life. 

With this, the spatial consideration in the placement of these forms become an integral part of the finished work. The negative space and surfaces embody the invisible and the affects of body memory and its processes.

Images by Joy Lai and John Dennis

Egg tempera on paperclay 24x29cm Egg tempera on paperclay 37x17x11cm with An Elephant in the Banana