Selected images from the exhibition Bodies in Sustained Emotions, 2010

This exhibition explores the intangible and how, through perceptions and experiences, the intangible can mould our personal identities. Surface, forms and ways the papers are assembled in the compositions are used as means of investigation.

Surfaces are sites through which we sense, interpret, present, project, and reflect. They are sites through which we as bodies, both sense and act. Surfaces are sites of inter-exchange between ‘I’ and ‘other’, and it is through surfaces that we make sense of the world as well as ourselves. Through surfaces, our stories are shaped into forms.

As emotions are temporal and impermanent, the material (papers) is chosen for its ephemeral nature, and their different forms are held together in one piece through tenuous attachments. These forms explore the fragility of relationships and identities formed in environments where there is no certainty of place.

Working with the intimate space of galleryeight, these works on paper with their organic forms and sensitive surfaces connect and encapsulate ‘lived bodies’ and their stories in visual form.

© 2010 Anie Nheu

mix media mix media Mix media. Private Collection Mixed Media Mix media. Private Collection 2010. Front view 2010. Side view 2010. Side view mix media with paper and paint private collection mix media with paper mix media with paper front view side view