we watched as she did her handstand single handedly

This assemblage of 5 paintings was made for the group exhibition Intimate Worlds. The brief was to make a group of 4 to 5 paintings and explore their connections to one another with an underlying theme of Intimate Worlds.

In exploring this theme, it came to mind that perhaps it’s a prerequisite to have an ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ world to arrive at an intimate world. Each painting was individually conceived with its own characteristics and feel. They were then further resolved as a whole after juxtaposing and assigning them their place in the group. As the work developed, I was taken by the emotional narrative that emerged through the bordering of visual and surface texture of the paint, the pull and push of 2 dimensional shapes with perspective lines, and the dynamic interplay of the shapes and the forms of the paintings from within and through its peripheries. Towards the end, the configuration has a ‘narrative feel’ of we watched as she did her handstand single handedly.

This assemblage was arrived at with insights gained from the PlayBox project with Jan Fieldsend in August this year.

© 2014 Anie Nheu. Images by the Artist

acrylic, oil on marine ply acrylic impasto, oil on polyester oil on plywood oil on canvas acrylic, oil on marine ply